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  1. pbass1


    Dec 8, 2004
    today i was looking at a music123 catalog...and i came across a bass that looked like a steinberger(or however it is spelled) it was headless and just a square with a neck on it (i have no idea what kind of body style you'd call it) it was listed as a 'travel bass'....

    i decided i would maybe like to build one myself. somthing simple, yet functional as a fun project, i have never built a bass before and im hard would this be?
    (no pickups/electronics)

    what kind of woods?
    can i make such a small body and not have to use a headless system with out neck dive?
    where should i get the bridge,tuners,and neck?

    not a very high budget...

    any input is good....

    (i didnt know where to post this...mods feel free to move it)