Input Signal To Navigator Pre ?????

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    I use a Navigator Pre and run two different basses into it... A passive MIM P-Bass loaded with an SD Quarter Pounder and an active Marco TFL 5 loaded with and Audere Classic Pre and Marco's custom wound PUs.

    Let me preface this by saying I run the EQ flat accross the board at "normal gain" and I bypass the compressor and the enhance feature.

    My issue....
    When I use the rig with the P-Bass, it's smoot sailing. Gain LED starts to blip around 1 o'clock and if I keep the Master level between 12 and 1 it keeps the output level, indicated by the LED Meters, right were it needs to be. Sounds great. However, when I plug in my Marco, it's like my input signal is gone. I can't even get the Gain LED to register and with the Master turned all the way up I'm hitting at most -20 dB on the output indicator LEDS.

    I do realize that these are two completely different basses and I would expect some difference in signal level, but this seems way to drastics.

    Thanks for your input!



    I've done some troubleshooting and the results make me look/feel like a dumb dumb. I came home from work and immediately set up my rig. I last played it Saturday night at a wedding reception, using the Marco and just dealt with the issue.

    The P bass is giving the same results as the Marco ( I told you I would look like a dumb dumb). All I can deduce is that something happened in the time between/before this wedding reception on Saturday when I used the Marco, and the gig before that when I used the P-Bass. There were no issues at the "P-Bass Gig" which is why I initially believed it had something to do with the Marco, but alas I can now confirm it is an issue with the Nav.

    What is the consensus now? Bad Tube? Worse?

    Again, thank you all for your thoughs/input.