Inspiration in a slump

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  1. I'm in a down time right now and in desperate need of a musical epiphany , what inspires other talkbassers in their musical lives , was there anything you tried that opened a new door in your playing.I'm very open to practice techniques that may help me by improving an aspect of my playing Any tips are welcome I would like to see playing from a few new angles , any help is appreciated even if it is the most basic it may be something I've overlooked.
  2. The oldies like Zepplin, thin Lizzy,Rush !
    Phil Lynott was good for me !
  3. I Posted along similar lines recently saying my playing was stuck in a time warp because I was playing oldies rock stuff.

    It amazed me that so many friends on this board are now turning back to that material for their inspiration. I was a bit worried that I can't slap and pop, thinking that that's what I should be aiming for. But, no, it's the oldies that seem to be tops in many eyes.

    I'm a huge fan of Jones, Led Zep. His playing was genuinely great IMHO. Some of his work on Led Zep II is awesome, again IMHO. Jack Bruce, Entwhistle, Lynott, Geezer Butler. I guess the list is endless.

  4. rob_d


    Jun 14, 2001
    I know what you're saying. I realized how much I pigeon-holed my playing when I recently joined a latin/afro-cuban/world beat style band. My main schooling lied in the funk, jazz, rock sorta deal. I really had to study(and still am), and learn a whole new way of playing to learn some of the latin stuff. Those cats are really doing stuff that was completely foreign to me. And as an added bonus to learning this new style I discovered a whole area of music which I now love, that I would've never come across otherwise.

    Moral of the story: Learn a whole new style that is foreign to you. It's easier if you have motivation to do it like I did by jamming with folks who play that style but anyone can do it. Learning this new style really fired up my creative juices and now I'm a better, more versatile bass player for it. When I do play my more familiar styles, I can now throw a little Afro-Cuban sauce in my funk or whatever. And hopefully by doing this you'll discover some great new bands in the process as I did.