Installed Hipshot HB7 tuners on sandblasted Am Special P, ferrules too small?

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  1. Hi All

    I recently acquired one of the limited edition sandblasted P basses and wanted to swap out the original hardware for black hardware. After doing some research it seemed that the Hipshot HB7 tuners should be a drop in replacement. The backplates of the tuners are perfect, and screws right in to place... however the ferrules that came with the HB7s are slightly smaller than the holes by about 1mm. As I work in the film industry my initial thought was "gaffer will fix this!", and I do now have ferrules that appear fairly secure but will not sit fully flush against the headstock.

    Am I missing something, is there another size of ferrules/tuners that I should have been looking for or is getting some plumbers tape to build up the ferrule to more accurately fit the hole my only solution that keeps my black hardware rather than going back to the original chrome? The difference in size appears to be about 1.1mm, with the new ferrules being 17.6mm but the original ferrules being 18.7mm. I have a small piece of birds eye maple veneer which I could cut and glue into the peg holes, but I'd prefer a solution which didn't involve glueing bits of wood together... especially as I'm not sure how I could effectively clamp the veneer to the inside of the peg hole.

    Here are some pics, in case the sandblasted basses have non-standard special hardware that someone might recognise, or someone can recommend a better way to build up the ferrule - like not using gaffer ;) or just applying it in a different way.

    Before I decided to remove perfectly functional hardware...

    After finding the ferrules were loose, and could be wiggled back and forth, I put some gaffer around them to build up the size a bit. The first attempt still left them loose enough to move with finger pressure, so I put the second small pieces of tape on that you can see at the front.

    Finished result... I like the look, and I'm sold on the idea of black hardware... but the ferrules don't sit flush, I clamped them in place for a short while but then they slowly rise up.
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    I put the same tuners on my sandblasted Jazz, and ran into the same issue. I ended up running a bead of wood glue around the ring of the bearings / ferrules. I let it dry most of the way through, which increased its diameter, then used a soft mallet to gently drive them in flush. Maybe I pressed them in with a large C clamp, don't recall... I have had zero issues since then; in fact I'd forgotten about that part of the install until seeing your post. Hope it helps!
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    The proper method here is to contact Hipshot. They'll figure out what you need and send them right out. You've got the right tuners; wrong ferrules. Happens a lot and Hipshot always comes through it seems according to many many such tales here on TB.
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  4. Thanks for your post 96tbird... I had come across a bunch of posts with suggestions ranging from glueing them in place to using metal from a beer can to shim them to using plumbing tape, but I hadn't thought of or seen a suggestion to contact Hipshot which I guess should be obvious ;) I searched around their site, and the web in general, and couldn't find ferrules in the dimension I need as a standalone product... but have now contacted them through their website and hopefully they can help me out.
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    Any news?
  6. I haven't heard back from them yet... Hopefully they get back to me today. The existing ferrules with the tape to expand them haven't moved any, so it's not super urgent, but still pretty keen to get some of the correct dimenstions if at all possible.
  7. After a week and no response from the web site enquiry I figured I'd probably typed my email address into the form wrong, so I emailed them at their info email address and had a response when I got up the next morning asking for a postal address to send bushings that would fit my bass to :)
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    You're not the first this has happened to: amazing service.
  9. Just thought I should confirm 96tbird's amazing service call... The guy from Hipshot said he'd send them the Monday after I contacted him, and a week after that they arrived. Pretty good service, even if you don't factor in that there was no charge for the bushings or postage for the nearly 9000 mile trip they needed to make :)

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    Haha nice! I didn't even know you were in kiwi. Hipshot cs is beyond amazing.