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  1. I have an old Squier P-Bass that I'm buying a new neck for but the neck doesn't come with the nut. I've looked through the FAQs and searched and couldn't come up with anything. Can someone help out with this? Either point me to an existing post or give some insight on how to do this properly. Thanks!

  2. 1.) dry fit the nut (make sure it fits)
    2.) put some glue in the slot (not anything to sticky, just sticky enough to keep it there)
    3.) put in the nut
    4.) hold it down untill the glue sets
    5.) file the fret slots (I'm not going to get into that)
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    Here's my nut routine:

    * dry fit the nut to check for proper height, width, and a snug fit. sand the face if needed (nut too wide)

    *rough cut the slots in my nuts leaving about 1/32" excess material in the bottom of each slot (room for fine tuning once the nut is in place)

    * file away the excess depth that is more than 2/3 of the string diameter

    * dry fit the nut and mark it for width, then remove and cut/file away the excess width

    * dry fit the nut again and begin fine tuning each slot (be sure that the action is set where you want it first) until I am right where I want it to be

    * remove the nut and final shape the sides/top profiles, sand smooth, and polish

    * now I add a drop or two of Titebond to the nut slot and install the nut, tensioning up each string and ensuring the nut is set firmly in the slot

    * let dry for a few hours

    * re-check the slot height and adjust further if needed

    I definitely DO NOT glue the nut in until I have it 99% completed - especially with a bone nut. if anything goes wrong before you have a completed nut you now have the added chore of cleaning/prepping a nut slot for another new nut. if you glue it in near the end of the process you completely avoind the potentil for needing to remove a nut that went bad

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  4. Fender offers a slotted brass nut and I think a plastic version for P Basses. You might try for something like this.

    Otherwise, what the other two said.:)
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    Would these need cutting further, or do they come at the appropriate height?
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