Installing J-Bass pickups

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  1. Hey I've got a Fender Standard P-Bass. I originally wanted the P-Bass Deluxe, you know the one with a gold pickguard, and both p and j pickups? Well I didn't have money for that so I got a P Standard. How would I get a Jazz pickup put in like the P-Bass Special by the bridge? Would I have to bring it into a shop? Tell me! Tanx,
  2. It's certainly doable - the body would have to be routed and the new pickup wired into the existing electronics, with a third hole bored in the pickguard for an additional knob.

    While it is possible, wouldn't it make more sense to save up, sell the standard bass and buy the one you want? No sense hacking up a perfectly good bass when the model with the features you want is available...

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    that's a really good point. And cosmetically, do you prefer the deluxe bass? cuz if you do, then go for it!!