Installing Tonestyler, stuck on wiring (newby electrician LOL)

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  1. Ordered the Tonestyler, it came in good time, now I'm installing it. I took the old tone pot off after carefully unsoldering the leads, put the new unit in, checked for clearance, all seems OK. Now it's time to hook it up.

    Oh gurus of electrons!

    First instruction is to solder the red wire to the pickup's hot wire. There are two wires leading from the pickups, black and white.

    The white wire is soldered to a tab which is on the side of the volume pot. The black is soldered to a point on the body of the pot, which is common to ground.

    Am I correct in believing the red wire should get soldered where the white wire is? The rest looks like I can figure it out. I would REALLY like to get this right the first time, cause I know I'm lousy at soldering and electronics in general. I'm hoping to learn more as I go, and this seems like a fairly easy place to begin.

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    You're on the right track, Jeff. The white wire that runs to the lug on the volume pot is the pickup's hot lead, so it should be joined to that red wire.
  3. Thanks! :hyper:

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    Does this help?

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  5. Thanks, Blues Cat. I have an Epiphone Pbass clone, not a Jazz-type. I feel comfortable modding it, because although there is nothing basically *wrong* with it, I know it can be improved.

    I finished attaching the wires where I believed they should go, but I must have missed something, because there's no music coming out.:help: :( :confused:

    I'm going to put it aside for now and get back into it next week. I think what I'll do is take it all apart and start from scratch. I have the Pbass schematic found elsewhere in this forum and the directions from Tonestyler. This will give me the chance to clean things up and gain a better understanding of the whole thing. Glad I have a couple backups!

    I'll be back and let you know how it goes. Thanks you guys for your help!
  6. Since I have the bass apart, I decided to copper shield the cavity, so I ordered some. It should be in sometime next week. :hyper: (Thanks, Stew-Mac!)

    HOWEVER, when I ordered my Tonestyler, I also ordered a knob to go on its shaft. Well, mea culpa, even though it came from their website (and is cosmetically a perfect replacement for the old one), it doesn't fit the Tonestyler.... Yup, I should have looked more carefully at the shaft diameter when ordering. :meh:

    SO, now I have to look for a 1/4" knob. Tonestyler has only 6mm knobs in that style - too small. :help: AllParts has knobs that look pretty close to what I need. They say the knobs are for "American" solid shaft pots. The description given at the top of the page regarding shaft diameter is ambiguous about this, so I'm going to call them for clarification tomorrow. THIS TIME, I'm going to wait until I'm not half asleep to order. :D

    Stay tuned - -