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  1. Well, its Christmas time and my parents want some small things ideas to go along with the big stuff ive asked for. I think it would be constructive to ask for some good edu books on bass...but i dont know any good ones. I currently own Bass Fretboard Basics and Music Reading for Bass which i use in conjunction with my exceptional teacher, however im looking for some more books we could use or that I could use in a solo fashion. Im interested in all styles including Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, and Thumbstyle(althought i dont really listen to funk, i suppose i take a more Flea-like approach to it). Not really into reggae but i find the bass somewhat interesting. Any suggestions for something that can help me expand myself and my band? I play 4 string.


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    Feb 4, 2001
    Go to then look under education. She has really good learning materials-I know, because I have several! :)