Instrument cable or XLR to DXM via raspberry pi or some magical box?

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    A few categories seem to be conflated here: connector type, cable type (impedance and capacitance), and protocol.

    In terms of the question you asked, Yes: If your lighting gear uses three-pin XLR connectors, you can try using a microphone cable with XLR three-pin connectors (in place of a DMX cable with three-pin XLR connectors).

    On short runs, this will typically work most of the time, although you might see some glitching. Note that the mic cable's capacitance and impedance don't match DMX512 specs. So the longer the cable run, the more vulnerable the mic cable is to introducing errors in the digital info sent from the DMX controller to the lights. (Either way, best to just use DMX-spec cable.)

    But Bigger Picture: I'm wondering about the context of your question, which also seems to conflate a few scenarios. The link you sent is about DIY controller coding. Yet, the cable question suggests you don't have any/much experience w/ DMX (if so, why are you're considering DIY DMX controller code?).

    And the bits about sending signal from a tuner out to a "sound activated light" make me suspect the problem you're trying to solve doesn't involve DMX control at all, but just sending an audio signal over cable to a light that includes an audio input (on XLR) for its sound activation feature.

    Is that about right?
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