Instruments and Gear in Unfinished Basement

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  1. Tim Gould

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    Feb 5, 2019
    Hi! I’m currently storing my gear in my house’s basement, which is half-finished. I’ve been keeping my instruments upstairs, but would love to keep everything together for convenience sake. However, I’m not sure if I’m at any risk of damaging the basses, especially considering I have them out at least twice a week for shows.

    I don’t have a thermometer in the basement, but based on my comfort level down there, I’m guessing it’s somewhere between 45-50 degrees in the winter. It might get a bit colder, but not much. During the summer, it might be 60-70.

    Am I at any risk of damaging my basses by storing them here? Could my other gear (heads, cabs, pedals) get damaged?

  2. My only suggestion to you is to ensure that anything sitting on bare concrete, be somehow raised off the floor. Cabs especially, to allow air flow under the cab and reduce condensation.
    Everything else should be fine.
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  3. Tim Gould

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    Feb 5, 2019
    Excellent suggestion, thank you! I didn’t think about that.
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  4. Humidity may be a greater concern than temperature.
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  5. tlc1976


    Aug 2, 2016
    That's where mine were for years. Probably the best place for them, considering I had a dehumidifier that kept the humidity constant, and being underground gave a much more consistent temperature than the rest of the house.
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    One of my rules for living is: Never trust a basement floor.
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    Jan 10, 2018
    Off the ground and a dehumidifier and you’re in business.
  8. Another reason to keep your gear elevated off the floor is flood risk. Humidity is good but too much is not good and can cause mold and mildew. About 40-45% RH is good but much higher and it can cause issues.