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Instrumment Trade Show

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by aks_29, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. Today, I went to an instrument trade show, hoping to find some interesting basses, I found 4, but only tried 2. The 2 that I tried were both really nice, they were both GFX basses, one was 4 string, a really light bass, easy to play, and had a natural finish, apperently was sold for about 340 dollars Canadian which is really cheap for a nice bass. The other one was a 5 string, mahogany body. rosewood fretboard, natural finish, and also played well, but was a bit confusing, because I've never played a 5 string before, and cost about 1000 dollars Canadian, and for some reason my dad said he would rather buy me the 5 string, and spend more money, so I am probably going get this for my birthday, the only problem is that the store where we were told to get it has never even heard of this model, and it wasn't in their catalogue. But I am going to get a discount because I was reffered to them from the salesman at the trade show who sold the guitars/basses to that store. So, to give this thread a point, has anybody else played a GFX bass, what did you think, and do they have a website, because I can't seem to find it.