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  1. How many of you insure your basses?

    It has come time for me to renew my insurance on my basses. I have found that I am able to save $120s this year not using my previous insurer out of Pa. My new broker writes the insurance for about $32MM worth of high end instruments in 12 states. He just did one for a bass valued at $150K.
    Question....Have others found better rates than brokers endorsed by the ISB? Also his deductable is $100.00.

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    I had my bass and all my equipment insured through Merz-Huber, the one ISB recommends and for which you can get a good discount. However, when they raised their minimum to $200/yr (not really a problem) and their deductible to $500 (a problem since I have several items in the $100-500 range), I looked around and found

    They have a $100 deductible, and as a bonus cover $5000 (I believe that's the $#) worth of computer equipment as well under the same premium - which was good for me with all my PC stuff. They are not as "professional"- I guess that's the way to put it, as Merz-Huber, and are slower to react to changes, but so far so good, I guess. I don't know anyone personally who has filed a claim with either.