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  1. Eilif

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    Oct 1, 2001
    I've been looking to find unique tuners for a while. Mostly I'm looking for a set to install on my first generation Artcore to give it a bit more vintage vibe, and get rid of the "y" tuners that I hate. I've alreay replaced the pickups and knobs, and the tuners are the only thing -besides possibly the "artcore" name- that seems a bit too modern. Ebay seems to have some interesting sets of tuners.

    Anyone have any experience with these:

    The brown tuner button would look great with the rootbeer brown color and vintage vibe of my artcore, and it looks like it would be a direct drop in replacement.

    How about these:
    Obviously these are 4 in line and require the larger fender sized holes, but I think I've seen other sellers selling small hole2+2 sets. I like the large oval buttons.

    Any other links to unique tuning machines would be appreciated. I'd really like to find someone selling something like the cast mini-cloverleafs that come on Schecter 004 basses.
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    I'd be wary of a company called Tricked-Out anything.

    But for the price, can't go too far wrong.