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  1. factory presets

    factory presets

    Mar 3, 2020
    Picked up a kitchen knife last night and didn't realise the sharp bit was on the wrong side. Ended up cutting a decent slice above the nails on both picking. Lots of blood but not much damage. Took a while to stem the flow but it eventually did. So I thought I should try them on the bass.

    Finger style, no worries. So I run a few finger exercises and on to slapping. Once I realised that flailing away with the thumb was not going to start the bleeding again I started to get cocky. Decided to incorporate some popping. Here's the good bit. I've been working on my double pop lately. And TBH it hasn't been going all that well. But because I was being a delicate flower about the back of my fingers, I was turning them partially sideways when I put them between the strings. And There it was. The perfect technique right under my fingers. Brought them closer to the thumb and reduced the wrist travel. Much more sense of 1,2 in the way they hit the strings....

    Who woulda thought self-mutilation would be the answer.?
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    I'm not sure it's going to catch on - - the knife thing, but, glad you made something positive from all this.
  3. Can you take a pic of your hand using this technique?
  4. Self mutilation is never the answer, but something good did spring from it, so “yay”.