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  1. Does anyone have experience with this, I was made an offer on my bass from someone in Russia and he gave an american address that is a (shipping warehouse) ... has a full PayPal account setup and claims to be a collector.... I'm just weary of international sales and what not due to all the scams on craigslist.
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    If the address is the one on his paypal then I don't see too much of a problem. Wait until the funds clear from your paypal account to your bank account before shipping (and tell the buyer that is what you are doing). When you ship make sure you get insurance and tracking. I will absolutely only ship to paypal confirmed addresses. Too many yahoos out there these days.
  3. Right.. that is my concern... he claims no rush and wants the most economical shipping possible
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    A lot of brokers work this way. If they have an Ebay user name you need to research it for complaints.

    Here's what they do. Brokers buy from you and then reship overseas without ever opening the box. If the final recipient has a problem then it all comes back on you. The problem is that it happens like 40 days after the sale.

    It could just be a legit buyer also that happens to have a USA address but I would research it and make sure the address is at least Paypal confirmed address. Good luck.
    I ship overseas on a daily basis and it can be a PITA at times.
  5. Get him to sign up with They are a Canadian forex firm with very good exchange rates, they send out a US bank draft free and clear to you. Leaves paypal to whistle in the wind.

    Catch is they make each new purchasing customer provide bonefides like you wouldn't believe, to prove they are not terrorists / crims laundering money. Basically makes any would be scammer run a mile! You provide your address and account name to XE only.
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    i am from the philippines, and that's what i have been doing for 3 years now.

    basically, i pay for the item, and it is shipped to a US address - i have had 3 forwarding companies, and i am currently using my cousin's company.

    what i do is tell the seller that their responsibility only extends until my cousin's warehouse. after it gets there, safe and sound, i wouldnt hold him responsible if ever something happens to the bass during sea shipping.

    everything has worked out so far ... i also have an ebay account with 100% 103 positive feedbacks, but its very rare the people in talkbass ask me for it. i dont think they even noticed im from the philippines lol

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