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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by dlenaghan, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. ::cue that Arcade Fire song of the same name::

    Ok guys, we need a help group.

    We all suffer GAS pains from time to time, but my effects acquisitions, while not ridiculous by some standards, are somewhat hilarious by most others.

    I'm not putting myself out of house and home here, but I think we might need a thread the sole purpose of which is to dissuade (in a good-humored way) any purchases of pedals, effects, loopers, volume/expression, whatevs...

    No, I don't need that sweet Algal Bloom fuxx pedal with the sweet, awesome artwork being sold by my guitarist buddy. I don't need a fuzz next to my Fuzzrocious muff. :cool:

    I don't need that Ohnooh Chk Chk Boom feedback looper, which is sweet and awesome with a momentary footswitch to engage reckless radical holy hellish awesomeness pie on my board which to boot is passive and therefore doesn't require additional power...:meh:

    I don't...


    EDIT: I just noticed I misspelled 'fuzz' in the 7th line. But I think I accidentally invented a more proper word for those pedals, so I'm gonna leave it. ;-)

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