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  1. When I set the intonation I get it to the point. It's in pitch but it will fluctuating between sharp and flat while I let it ring out. Is that normal? I'm using the tuner that's in my Vox StompLab IB. If I use harmonics it seems to hold it perfect. it's in tune all the way down neck. With my OCD I keep wondering why? Should I buy a separate tuner pedal or a plug in tuner to check it? String height and relief are perfect. Could this have to do with pickup height. I've set everything up to factory specs. Someone told me that it's normal for a bass to do this. I've been doing my setups for a while. And when I bought my Jackson brand new it was all out of whack. I got it and had to set it up because it was off.
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    Normally, I'd suggest a better-quality tuner to verify your suspicions but a handful of the onboard tuners does a respectable job. Your observations may suggest "chorusing" which can be traced to a flawed string install (twisted string, etc) or too-close pickups.

    *Drop your pickups and re-eval. Any improvement? If no...

    *Slacken the the string and pull the coil from the machine head post. This should allow the string to return to it's normal orientation. Replace the coil and tune-to-pitch.

    *Re-set your witness points at the nut and bridge saddle...the string should be departing from the leading (fretboard) aspect of each.

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    Some tuners just do this. Can you hear the pitch warble? If so follow Zooberwerx"s suggestions above. if you can't hear it, live with it or get a better tuner.
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    Plucking the string too hard can cause that, as well. Soften your touch and see if it still does it.
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  5. Thanks, I will try that.
  6. No, it sounds fine I've even used two of my basses to check it. Hitting notes on both instruments simultaneously waves are dead on.
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    It sounds like your tuner is sensitive and picks up overtones. Because we use even temperament, rather than perfect temperament, some overtones are "out of tune". The fifth is a particularly strong overtone and the natural one is out of tune to your tuner. When you play both basses the signal from the fundamental overwhelms the overtones. That's my theory anyway.
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