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Intro: About David Overthrow

Discussion in 'Ask David Overthrow' started by paul, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. My forum is more for questions about playing the bass other than effects but I'll add my two cents. Sound comes from the hands. Effects are cool but don't rely on them for your sound. Thinks of effects as wine, a little wine here and there is good but if used all of the time in excess, BAD.

    Having said that I use effects on a few tunes on my latest record and use a touch here and there for production. I have to say I don't rely on EQ but have used several. The sound should come from your hands and the bass and the EQ just refines it. I have used boss pedals and in most instances they have performed better than their competitors. I have used the sansamp DI and found it better that I not use it. I am sure others have had different results because remember that this is all subjective and personal preference plays a large part.

    Hope it all works out. Maybe I'll see you at one of my National Guitar Workshop bass seminars in Purchase New York this summer, the first one being next week.

    All the best,
  2. Would you like to catch up to my stereo bass rig that I built in 1974?
    Tonehenge consists of 2 x 2 x15" Altec 421/8H bass speakers to go with my Rickenbacker Stereo bass?
    I also have a Fender Squier PB and Carlsboro Viper combo. Originally I played a Danelectro Longhorn bass which was light to carry and great for long residencies and several month long tours etc. I am actually buying another today - nearly 40 years after swapping it in Germany. I also went on to play guitars and Lute music. Adding Flamenco as well some 20 years ago.
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