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Intro and Set List Suggestion Box

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by bassist50, May 10, 2010.

  1. bassist50


    Mar 3, 2010
    What's up everybody!

    I am pretty new to this forum. I've checked out a few threads(mostly classifieds!). None the less, my apologies is this thread is misplaced or otherwise unusual.

    Getting to the point!

    I play in a...well let's call it a FUNK ROCK DANCE SOUL GROOVE band. My brother's and I have been playing for some years together under the watchful eye of our father, the mentor, and have finally decided to get our s#*t together! I am working on a set list of tunes and as I stare into the vast depths of my rapidly flickering computer screen, my brain turns to a puddle of mush.

    I am looking for song suggestions from EXPERIENCED, WORKING musicians. Or anyone with half a brain for what should be played in a bar.

    Please feel free to recommend anything.

    A few examples from the current set list to get the ball rollin:
    TOP - Down to the Nightclub
    Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke, Higher Ground
    Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
    Dave Matthews - Trippin Billies
    Gavin Degraw - I Don't Wanna Be
    Earth Wind & Fire - Serpentine Fire, Shining Star
    Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire
    David Essex - Rock On
    Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times
    Michael Jackson - Black or White
    Graham Central Station - Pow, Hair
    Al Di Meola - Metropolitan Life
    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tightrope
    Muse - Uprising
    Tom Cochrane - Life is a Highway
    Temptations - Shakey Ground, Ball Of Confusion, Ain't Too Proud
    Beatles - Come Together

    You get the idea. Let me know some tunes you'd like to hear. Remember to keep people dancing! Cheers!

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