Introducing... Me!!!

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  1. Hey everyone. This looks like a pretty cool place. Definatly a place to learn more. I have had a bass setup for about 2 years, but just started to learn to play this week. I'm also 30 (will be 31 on Sunday, Happy Birthday to me) and just learning so I got a lot going against me. I almost don't want to put on here what I have for a rig. I've seen some pretty strong ripping of it. :)

    Yep, it's a Fender Squier P-Bass Special with both the P and J pickups. I also have a Fender Frontman 15b amp. If I have the High and Mid turned down on the amp, it sounds pretty good using the P pickup. If I turn up the J pickup, it gets very noisy through the amp, lots of humming. Anyone have any ideas other than getting a new Bass and amp???