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Introducing myself to all of you ! Read this

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Brazilian Bass, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Hey you guys. My name is Andre, I am from Brazil. I ´ve lived in the Us (IL) for 2 years. I had been in about 15 bands throughout my life, but now I am dedicating to only 1 which I think is the one !!!
    We play-rock-pop-blues-soul-funk-ska-reggae !!!!
    I ´ve been playing bass since 1999 and I am really glad to say that I am now playing better than ever before. I ´d like to share with you in other topics, specially those who are starting to play now and would love to improve, my discoveries, what I did to get where I am now, hints, etc and of course to learn from all you you who post good stuff here.
    I´ve got a Music Man Sting Ray 5 HH (that´s their new model), I used to use Ernie Ball Strings (0,045), currenty I have GHS (0,040) on my bass. This bass is the best piece of equipment that I tried Ever !!! I also have a Squire Jazz Bass (25 years old) and an acoustic bass (dean).
    Before I had a Music Man StingRay 4, I sold it to get the SR5.
    Yeah, that´s it. See you guys for more discussions related to what I think is the most important instrument in a band (of course all of the others are important too).
    GROOVE ON !!!!!!!!

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