Introducing the Fender Jazz Bass - a Tribute to Bob Newhart

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  1. Ray James

    Ray James

    Aug 25, 2014
    Telephone rings:

    Yeh?... Who is it, Frank?... Leo Fender?... Yeh?... Yeh, put him on, will you!

    Hey, Harry... you wanna pick up the extension?... yeh! it's nutty Leo again!

    Hi, Leo baby, how are you, guy? How's everything going?...

    Oh, things are fine here, Leo!...

    Did we get the what?...

    Oh!, the boat load of Jazzmasters, yeh! They arrived fine Leo, as a matter of fact they're all still here, we haven’t sold a single one yet! 12 months!

    What you got for us this time, Leo, you got another winner for us?

    A Jazz Bass... er, what's a Jazz Bass, Leo?...

    You were going to call it the Deluxe Model . Yeh, that sounds good

    But then you decided not to … so it’s not a deluxe model?

    Oh it is, you just didn’t want to call it that

    OK well tell me about it. So it’s got a big thick neck like a Jazz Double Bass?

    It hasn’t. I see .. it’s got the smallest neck on any instrument you’re likely to come across?

    So Jazz players aren’t going to feel at home on it, are they? ha! ha! ha!...

    So what else?

    It’s got two pickups? One more than the Precision? Good news!

    But they’re both quieter than the Precision.

    Leo, that’s not so good

    But you’ve put a special circuit in there … Don't tell me, Leo, don't tell me

    To make the pickups louder?

    No you want to make them quieter

    You see, Leo... we've been a little worried about you, y'know, ever since you told us the Jazzmaster was gonna be the biggest seller yet

    And I think you're gonna have rather a tough time selling people on buying quiet sounding basses with little necks

    And then you built that amp called a Bassman

    For bass guitars

    But everyone plays guitars through it instead

    I can’t make sense of that

    Perhaps you should think about selling the business to a TV company ha! ha! ha!...they really wouldn’t know the difference between a guitar and a bass, would they. That could be a good move ha! ha! ha!...

    Listen, Leo... don't call us... we'll call you!...

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