SOLD Iron Ether,B:assmaster,DSM,timebox

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    Greetings Tb’ers! Up for sale/trade are a few pedals not being used. all have their OG boxes except for the frantabit. No velcro undrrneath. I am open to ALL trade offers! but would love to have a chase bliss or magic pedals but open to all offers . i can add cash too. Paypal Fam&friends or add extra $10 if not ppff. prices include shipping conus. Thank you Tb’ers! Be blessed!
    VVCO Timebox-$60 brand new**TRADED**
    Malekko B:assmaster $195 **SOLD**
    Iron Ether Frantabit -$310
    **SOLD** i
    Dsm &Humbolt bass simpkifier. nit available. will include in a future. View attachment 4820016 View attachment 4820017 2F6A5366-54EE-44E4-9361-9FBA866534F9.jpeg 5038ED89-C073-4AE1-AAD8-FEE2F7883213.jpeg
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