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    Beautiful, versatile IE Nimbus SE reverb in excellent condition. Comes with original box and instruction manual. Has velcro on back. PayPal accepted, free shipping in CONUS. $225

    --------------------------------(from the Iron Ether website)
    Nimbus Special Edition

    The Nimbus Special Edition takes the liquid and deep reverb of the Nimbus and adds several new features that expand its capabilities greatly:

    • Assignable expression pedal input:
      • "Size" controls the Room Size, Bass, and Treble simultaneously - take the Nimbus SE from a small, subtle room sound, up to infinite-hold pads with expression control.
      • "In Lvl" controls the level of signal sent into the reverb path. Use this to reverberate certain parts of a passage, or to build up ambient chords in the reverb and play cleanly on top of them.
    • Expression stomp takes the place of the expression pedal (fully on or off) when no expression is plugged in. The LED changes from blue to magenta when the Exp stomp switch is active.
      • When assigned to "Size," you can set up a second reverb sound using the Exp knob, and toggle between them, giving you two preset sounds at a time. If you set the Exp knob all the way up, the Nimbus SE will go to infinite reverb times, allowing you to hold a note infinitely until you stomp Exp again.
      • When assigned to "In Lvl," you can click the Exp stomp switch on to let signal into the reverb, then click it off so that new notes play cleanly on top of the sustained note.
      • When Assigned to "In Lvl," at anything other than infinite reverb times, you can use the Exp stomp switch as a silent, "trails" bypass - the last notes played before bypassing will ring out rather than being cut off as in true bypass. You still have true bypass available with the standard bypass stomp switch, giving you the best of both worlds.
    • With an expression pedal connected, the Exp knob acts as a maximum value limiter for the expression pedal, and the Exp switch acts as an on/off for the expression pedal.
    IE Nimbus SE - 09.jpg
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  2. Charlie Tuna

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    Feb 21, 2005
    Key West, FL
    On hold.
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