SOLD Iron Ether Oxide/Malekko Sneak Attack

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    Iron Ether Oxide - SOLD
    I've had this one for a while! It works as it should. One of the best fuzz pedals for bass players IMO.

    Malekko Sneak Attack - $160 shipped

    If you aren't familiar with this pedal you should check it out. It works as a tremolo with extreme versatility and it can do auto-swell. Personally I was using it to shorten my attack and elongate my decay so I could get a convincing stabby synth sound. I was basically using it as an envelope generator. Since there aren't many demos out there showing this I would be willing to put together a quick audio demo if anyone needs to hear the result. It's pretty sweet! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this pedal. 20161118_100331.jpg 20161118_100456.jpg 20161114_153319.jpg

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    Sneak Attack still available?
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    Love the filthy look of that Oxide. If whoever bought it wants to trade for a cleaner looking one hit me up.