Is a MAYA bass really worth this much????

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Skywalker83, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Ok, my friend went to a vintage guitar shop today to pick out a new acoustic. Whilst he was trying a couple out i noticed a 1970's Maya Jazz bass in the corner.

    I asked the owner about it and he said it had original Fender 70's jazz pickups in it. The price for the bass...550€ (about $780). Isn't this a bit steep for this make of bass, even if it has 70's Fender pickups in it. Also adding the fact that the neck has been stripped.
    I had a look on a few sites including ebay, and these basses are going for way less that this.

    Whats other peoples thoughts?
  2. WarriorJoe7

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    Mar 12, 2004
    Syracuse, NY
    he is probably lying unless he is very reputable. overpriced also
  3. +1 on the overpriced.
  4. knigel


    Apr 20, 2009
    I'm the Squier of Fenderbirds

    It reminds me of a time in high school (1990 or so) when a guy was selling a Hondo Les Paul at a yard sale. I asked how much--"900 dude, that's a good deal." Even little ignorant teenage knigel knew this guy was full of crap.

    So instead of asking a reasonable price and keeping you interested, and possibly making a sale, he is proven to be a scam artist and slimy pig, and now you won't buy anything from him, priced reasonably or otherwise.
  5. Yeh, i just had a look on Harmony Central, and the people are paying like $150 max on these basses.

    The thing was that he was a really nice guy , very friendly and very helpful and wasn't pushing to make a sale.

    Has anyone had a look at the other stuff on the website? what do you make of the prices in general?
  6. flea claypool

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    Jun 27, 2004
    he also has a 1980 jazz bass for nearly 2.5k €.. go on away to fk!!
  7. knigel


    Apr 20, 2009
    I'm the Squier of Fenderbirds
    Okay, slimy pig might be an exaggeration. I'm on hold with Rhode Island unemployment, and have been for 45 minutes (after trying to get through for 5 hours), so my temper is a little short.

    Still a rip, but I love those old Japanese basses (might be picking up a Westone this week. Yeah, I buy basses with unemployment money. Wanna fight about it?)
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  8. Hi.

    While the price of the Maya is way, way too much, that tends to be the trend over here.

    If it's old, it's expensive. That's the line of thought.

    Also the number of valuable vintage basses (Ric, Gibson, Fender, Höfner etc.) over here is really small, so You can ask what ever you like and usually you don't even have to drop the price too much. Getting the sale may take a while but usually You'll get about 10-30% more than what they sell for in e-bay.

  9. What westone you lookin at?
  10. knigel


    Apr 20, 2009
    I'm the Squier of Fenderbirds
    A Spetrum GT. Black, decent shape. Not the premium Westones from what I understand, but a nice player.
  11. I got a spectrum V not too long ago, tone is great,neck is really nice. It maybe just mine but its pretty neck heavy. Horns on the body are short with a long neck.
  12. rcarraher


    Dec 21, 2008
    We had a guy on CL recently with a Hofner Icon, he had it posted as a "Genuine Hofner Beatle Bass, just like Paul McCrtneys....Sells in the stores for $2,000. This weekend only, $895.00" These go for around $300.00 almst anywhere:eek:
  13. :eek: 2,400 Euros for those hideous '70s Strats, in bad condition and crappy colours!!!

    The guy is clearly having a laugh (at his own expense). You're better off just buying off eBay if you ask me :meh:.

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