Is Changing the Bridge Double Jazz Pup on a Fender AM DLX Pbass to a Stingray Style..

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    -Is changing the bridge double jazz pickup on a Fender AM DLX Pbass (4 string) to a Stingray4 style pickup a good idea?
    -I want to get the stingray sound without getting a stingray.
    -I have a Fender AM DLX Pbass, is it an easy change from a double jazz humbucking pickup to a stingray style pickup?
    -I don't really need the sound of the jazz on my Pbass since I already have a Jazz bass for that.
    -Is the Stingray pickup the same size as the double J?
    -Has anybody ever done this, or done this the other way around?
    -Anybody have any Stingray style pickups for sale?(first I need to know if it's practical)
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    Hmmmm.... Now that I look at each pickup, the stupid screw holes are different places:spit:
    Any MM style pups with the screw holes like this? (assuming that they are the same dimensions LxW)
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    Here is a picture...
    they seem different:bawl:
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    I'd suggest looking at a bass pickup website ( for my faves) and getting the measurements. Then you can compare the sizes of the 2 pups and see if it'd be a drop-in fit.

    Another alternative would be to see if you can re-wire the existing JJ pup. I had 2 J pups in a bass of mine, which I wired together in series, therefore more or less making a humbucker. You could wire up a 2-way toggle switch to choose between series and parallel for a little more flexibility. If this sounds interesting, the first thing you need to look for is whether or not the JJ pup has 4 wires coming from it. If it does, it should be a piece of cake (if you've ever soldered before). If not,you may need to modify the pup a bit, but either of those options are better than routing out the body for a new pup. Take a look and PM me if you have any questions. I'll do my best to help you out!