is Fender 8250-5M for through Bridge or Body?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by shage, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. shage


    Nov 30, 2005
    what is the Fender 8250-5M is designed for ?
    According to the WWW.FENDER.COM descriptions, they are designed for the thru-body.

    Could any one here tell me what is the differece between a the string sets for thru-bridge and thru-body? Is it the ball-end?

    will a 8250 be fit on a through-bridge design? My bass a MIJ Fender 5 string with a bridge something like those on a MIM or a Highway-one series.

    I have placed an order on the I need your advice. If the 8250-5M wont work, I will have to cancel the order.

    Will somebody post a few pictures of the 8250s ball end?

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  2. pyrohr


    Aug 28, 2001
    Pakistani compound
    I use these strings exclusively when I can find them! I use them on my FMT V and nothing iv'e tried comes close! There is no difference whether you string through the body or through the bridge (IMHO). I personally string mine through the body. If you can find these strings I highly recommend them. Oh btw the "B" and "E" strings are taper wound. These strings will fit through the bridge.
  3. shage


    Nov 30, 2005
    Thans a lot!

    How about the 8255, it seems to be designed for the thru-bridge bass.
  4. KevinMG

    KevinMG Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Princeton, NJ
    The 7250's are designed for normal through bridge stringing (MIM, CIJ) and the 8250's are specially designed for the Fender through body design (USA). While the 8250's are roundcore and very flexible, the 7250's are very flexible for hex core and are very warm / old school sounding. If you like tapered strings, then the 8250's might work for you even though the taper might extend about an inch or more past the saddle.
  5. shage


    Nov 30, 2005
    that's the point. will it effect the tone, tune or pitch?
  6. KevinMG

    KevinMG Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Princeton, NJ
    I don't know what you're looking for tone- or feel-wise, so it's difficult to answer the generic question of whether it affects tone. It will affect tone, but compared to what? It will affect feel too, but compared to what? If you use a high tension standard hexcore non-tapered nickel string (e.g. D'Addario), going to tapered roundcore strings will have a different tone. If you use DR Sunbeams the change will be less dramatic, but there still will be a difference. Only you will know if that tone is what you are looking for.

    The 8250's are designed for the string through body Fender - they have the perfect measurements for clearing the bridge and nut. Which means that on the through bridge you'll probably wrap past the silk and have the windings around the post. It also means that the string will be more flexible feeling and less bright than on a through body w/string trees. So you'll likely need a setup to compensate.

    So as with any string purchase, only you will know if it works tone- or feel-wise. For a MIJ/through bridge, I'd start off with the 7250's because they're designed for the through bridge and the silkings will be a perfect fit. They're very flexible and have a similar tone to the 8250's despite the difference in the core wire.

    I'd probably also ask, why Fender strings? If you have a through bridge Fender you don't have the problems we have and that means you have choice. If you search back on the forums there are posts requesting help with the through body string length issue - Fender uses shallow ferrules so taper length is an issue (about 2.5") as is the scale length needed to clear the nut, especially the B & E strings. Fender strings are good sounding strings when you get a good batch, but there are better made more consistently made strings at a comparable price. Depending upon the tone / feel qualities you're searching for I'm sure you can get a lot of input from the TB community.

    Good luck,
  7. shage


    Nov 30, 2005
    Thank you, KevinMG,

    your words are very helpful.
    I have order a pack of 8255 which is same as 8250 except that it's designed for the through-bridge bass.

    Later I will try some other string if possible.