Is he crazy, or am I?

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    Preface: I'm not old, I'm not young. I'm 34. But been listening to and playing punk for 20 years now. I've been trying to record for about 5 years, but had drummer issues, timing, grad school, etc. I've done rough demos to give people an idea. I do bass, guitar, sing. I love Bad Religion, Black Flag, Minor Threat, but also NOFX, Anti Flag, and am very into the punk community and spirit of mutual aid and being accepting. I lean far left, so you know.

    Join, or Die

    Anyway, I post a local CL ad looking for some collaborators. A guy replied and this was the final email he sent me before I thanked him for his time and put him into the spam folder:

    "Some Bad Religion guys were in Abq a year or so ago, but wife didn’t want to sit through their opener so we went elsewhere and saw Parlor Mob, who were very, very good live.

    When I think punk, I tend to think hardcore, Bad Religion is technically hardcore I guess. I’m more interested in Black Flag, Fugazi, Farside (SST, Dischord, Victory, Revelation). I want nothing to do with Green Day fans. Also, the hardcore aesthetic often got co-opted by white nationalists and straight-edgers and I’ve got no patience for that either. I didn’t listen carefully to your lyrics, but I heard ‘jack boots’ in there somewhere.

    The magic of good punk records for me is that they capture the energy of a good punk show. You have lots of the structural elements in your songs there, but all the energy of Lou Barlow. I spend a lot of time moping through solo home recording, too, (drifting into all kinds of not-punk genres) but I would rather be inciting a mosh pit somewhere with a tight drummer and some pawn shop guitars."

    Okay, so, I think this guy is an idiot. He says "some Bad Religion guys" (I was at that show, it was awesome, Emily Davis and the Murder Police and Dave Hause opened) and then name drops someone obscure, in true hipster fashion. He apparently only listens to bands who no longer exist, He hates Greenday fans (which I'm not really, but I appreciate what they did to bring punk to the radio), he hates straight edge punk (wow, those guys are usually pretty chill), and thinks I'm a nazi because the word jack boots is in a song (referring to the jackboots a cop wears in an unflattering comparison). He uses the phrase mosh pit, which is a bit out of vogue, but whatever, and makes a reference to Lou Barlow who I had to Google (sorry).

    In an earlier email he said from my music I probably "listened to a lot of Greenday, Bad Religion, Motorhead" which i now know he considers to be a bad thing. Again, I'm not a motor head or Greenday fan, but I respect the hell out of those groups.

    Does my music really suck that much? It's all just a passion project, and I also write folk, blues, etc. I'm now thinking about moving my style in a different direction (cant find a drummer anyway).
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