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Is it BAD to dig in?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by bass_drum, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. bass_drum


    Feb 13, 2005

    When most people look at my basses, they saythe strigns are really high. But the only time my bass doesnt buzz at all, is when I play super lightly. But every once in a while, there comes and urge to dig in, like when playing metallica. Then its all just buzzes and clicks from then on. Im definately pressing down enough with my left hand. And im pluckings the strings properly with my right hand, so I have no clue what to do. The onyl thing I can do now is just play super quietly.

    So I'm wondering, if you guys thats have your basses setup so the strings are sooo low, ever dig in?

    Also what do you think the problem is with my bass, does it jsut need a proper setup?

  2. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    I think its setup issues

    my bass is lower action than ive ever seen and i can dig in and with the amp still get no to little audible buzz.
  3. buzz is bad, clicks are OK, and an effect you can use. Clicks are on the attack, buzz on the sustain. It does sound like you need a setup, by somebody that knows what they're doing. If you want to do it yourself, it's not that hard. But read a lot about it first, since you could potentially ruin the bass entirely if you do a bad enough job.
  4. bass_drum


    Feb 13, 2005
    So its ok to have clicks when playing? Ive been told compression helps with clicks, is that true?

    Maby I should jsut get a fretless and not have to worry about any of this:p
  5. bass_drum


    Feb 13, 2005
    Where would eb the best place to get my bass setup?

    Last time I sent it into a music store and they ended stripping the truss rod so I had ot get a nw one...all the way form germany. So now my dad will only let me take it to some luthier in calgary to get it done, wich I dont want to do either because I'm sure there is a good palce here in lethbridge. Any ideas?
  6. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Are your pickups too high?
  7. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    No, clicks are not OK. But digging in is very good indeed. So what if you get a little fretbuzz? Nobody can hear it when you're playing anyway. If it bothers you, raise your action.

    Digging in is not the same thing as slamming your strings so hard that they click.
  8. bass_drum


    Feb 13, 2005
    I've checked, and i dont think so, I'm pretyty sure the clicking is from hitting a fret not a pickup.

    Does anyone know of a good place I could bring my bass in to get setup?

    Maby i should jsut learn how to do it myself. Does anyone know of any sites besides the garry willis that'll help me? Thanks!
  9. natrab


    Dec 9, 2003
    Bay Area, CA
    FIELDY SAYS: CLICKS GEWD!!!!! :bassist:
  10. bass_drum


    Feb 13, 2005
  11. lowphatbass

    lowphatbass ****

    Feb 25, 2005
    west coast
    It's all personal preference. Some people like their strings high and tight so they can really dig in and get lot's of "growl" that way. Others like their strings low and loose, they can also get "growl" but only have to pluck the string lightly to achieve it. And there's also every combination in between. Some players even like the harsh metal click at the moment of attack, it's not always musical but in certain situations it can add definition and a percussive effect to your attack. Not all basses can be set-up at either of these extremes and sound good(not all basses sound good period!!). My advise would be to go to a shop that sells and repairs instruments and has some basses in stock. Play a few until you find one that has the action you like and ask the repair person to set your bass up in a similar way. Keep in mind that proper string selection is important for setting up a bass properly so be prepared to spend a little extra on them. Also ask the repair person if you can watch while they operate on your baby.
    If you've tried alot of other basses and are still having the same problem you may also have some technique issues to iron out, keep an open mind. A set-up and a new set of strings should cost you between $65-$100, Good Luck!!
  12. Coutts_is_god

    Coutts_is_god Guest

    Dec 29, 2003
    Windsor, Ont, Canada
    I dig clicks. They are a vary heavy part of my sound:D
  13. bass_drum


    Feb 13, 2005
    ok well I dont want clicks I guess I should make that clear.

    Anyways, I'm going to try and find the allen key to adjust truss rod and see If i can give it a shot. If not I'll take it down to the dealer and see what they can do.

    Could the clicking be because of a improperly dressed fret?
  14. BurningSkies

    BurningSkies CRAZY BALDHEAD

    Feb 20, 2005
    Seweracuse, NY
    I'm of the opinion that you're problem is probably in the middle of these options.

    You're probably in need of a set up, and you probably need to work on adjusting your technique.

    If you 'dig in' all the time you're limiting your dynamic range. There should be times when you dig in, but they should be when you want to raise the dynamic of the music. If you're playing at that place already, there's no way to bring things up from there.
  15. bass_drum


    Feb 13, 2005
    I dont dig in all of the time, though I do agree that I could work on my technique, since I think we could all benefit on concentrating on our technique a little more.

    Anyways, the clicks tend to come when I play anything more then lightly touching the strings.