Is it just me, GAS, or what?

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  1. I've got enough gear, especially since I haven't played in a regularly gigging band since late 2017. I've got four great amps (SWR SM-400, Hartke Mosfet 3500, GK 400RB-III, and a Peacey Tour 700} and cans galore (2x10, 4x10, 2-1x15. 2x15, 1x18) Why is it then that I am craving a 2x12 cab? Or why, when I saw a local listing for a non-functional Hartke VZ3500 4x10 combo for $100, my first thoughts were "I could probably fix it", "the cab alone is worth it and it's easier than carrying a head and cabinet", and "I wonder if the wife would notice"? Do I need more gear, professional help. both, or neither?
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    Maybe you're just bored. Still, if you're considering spending a Benjamin on a broke, obsolete Hartke anything you may actually need some professional help. :D

    Do you have someone you could call? (JK, of course. :laugh:)
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  3. The thing about the combo I mentioned is that one of the drivers is an obvious replacement (looks like it's out of. a car audio sub). I'm wondering if one of the wires cane loose. The pic in the listing shows the amp powers up, with the EQ sliders lit up.; It has has the newer HA3500 silverfave head in it I got my Mosfet 3500 in an older Hartke 1155 combo with blown replacement drivers in it. I replaced them and installed rack ears in the amp cavity, so it's now an easy to swap with whatever 2ru head I want. I figure I could do the same with this one.
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    i voted "all of the above."
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