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    Jul 30, 2001
    I was wondering if I could tune my 5 string EADGC, I wouldn't do it with my current strings of course as I'm sure the strings would break or warp my neck with all that tension or whatever...BUT, if I used the first five strings from a six string set (a standard 4 set + high C) would the strings fit my bass, or would they be too loose at the nut? How much variance in string gauge can the nut handle, I know you can go from a lighter set to a heavier set and vice versa without any trouble - but what about a fairly big change in gauge like this? Would this work. Have any of you done this?
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    The nut slots will be too wide for the strings. If the nut is not cut real low, it may not be a problem. If the nut is cut very low, the strings may rattle around and buzz when playing open strings. One way to help with this is to string the bass with each successive wind around the tuning posts being lower than the last. This will put greater downward pressure on the nut and if done properly may solve the problem.

    Worst case scenario, you may have to get a new nut. If you do, I would keep the old one so if you ever want to sell the bass or switch back to a low B, you just change out the nut.

    I'm moving this ^ to Setup. The guys who hang out in there probably have even better input and suggestions.:)