is it possable that there is something wrong with my electronics?

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  1. Earlier I thought that my amp was screwed because I always seem to get a echoing noise no matter how I set the equalisation, but im now wondering if it could actualy be the wiring in my basses electronics that is messed up. Any thoughts?
  2. Could you be more descriptive? Does it sound like a reverb or delay? Is there any distortion in the sound? What type of gear do you have, i.e, bass, amp, any effects?
  3. its more of a reverb sound, and yeah, it is kinda distorted. I'm using and ibazez gsr-200 with a Laney HCM120B. No effects.
  4. Don't overlook the obvious:
    -Change the battery in your bass if you have active electronics. If that doesn't work, clean the terminals that the battery connects to.
    -Try a different cable.
    -If you can, try a different bass to narrow it down to the bass or the amp.

    Hope that helps.
  5. its passive.
    Ive tried about 6 different leads.
    And ive tried other amps and it still echos.

    any ideas?
  6. DarkMazda


    Jun 3, 2000
    a ghost is taking over your bass? :eek:

    well.. seriously.. thats a hard question, enver heard of a reverb effect when playing.. hmmmm
  7. Wow, that is kinda strange. Are you sure it's an electronic sound? There really isn't anything inside the electronics in a passive bass that could cause what you're describing. R U sure it's not a rattle that's being picked up through the electronics? I had an old ibanez that had a weird spring rattle in the bridge. I couldn't hear it through the ampo but it was annoying at low volumes.
  8. My problem seems to be worst when I have it at really high volumes. Thanx neway.
  9. Your pickups could be too close to the strings causing the strings to be affected by the pull of the magnets.
  10. houston, we have a problem..
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    Apr 26, 2000
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    If it gets worse as volume goes up, it's probably some physical resonance in the bass...might be the pickup itself vibrating.
  12. MAny possibilty, Are you trying the different amp in the same room?

    1)If in your room theres an acoustic guitar, or an acoustic bass, or anything that could possibly has a acoustical resonance ie Piano, empty box etc, that could produce the reverberation.

    2)If your bass has something loose ie. Screws in your bridge, Pick-up, even the screws that hold up your strap is loose, and somehow got picked up by the pick up, that could also create the reverberation.

    3)If your string has a defect, meaning somehow the construction of your bass string is messed up, that could cause the problem. Ie. something crack.

    4)If your string is not sitting properly on the bridge, or nut(is your a steel nut?), that could also be a problem.

    5)Your trusrod maybe loose or even broken. That'll cause some serious rattling sound resembling reverberation.

    Hope that help.
  13. i think i might take it back to the shop so they can have a look at it, because what your all talking about sounds like it could be complicated. Thanx