Is it really this easy???

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    Jun 16, 2006
  2. The catch is that everyone that submits their Zip Code is a winner, and must enter their delivery information to receive their prize. Once they have your info, they add it to the mountains of other addresses submitted and compile a list of "Gullible Bass Players". They shop this list around to companies who are interested in selling products to the "Gullible Bass Player" demographic.

    Am I being cynical?

    I went to Manchester, New Hampshire earlier this year to see some family who was spending a couple of months there. I flew down and rented a car at the airport, and gave them my cell phone number as a contact number. I had NEVER given my cell phone to ANY company; only friends and family.

    Three weeks later, I get a call from a telemarketer, ON MY CELLPHONE, about my interest in purchasing a snowboard.

    Hmmmm....If you look at all the information I gave to the rental company, the company that bought THEIR list must have figured that a 27-year-old male Canadian spending a weekend in New Hampshire, who rents a sub-compact car to go to "Ski Country" in February is PROBABLY a snowboarder.

    It's the only telemarketer I ever received on my cell, and after telling them I don't snowboard, I never got another call again.

    Maybe I'm just paranoid. :meh:
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    No - it's actually worse than that!! :eek:

    From the small print :

    "To 'Complete' an offer, you must sign up, get approved for and activated (where applicable) for the Advertiser's offer by meeting all conditions and steps stated for the offer. For some credit card offers, the card must be activated by making a purchase, balance transfer or cash advance in order for the offer to be considered 'completed'."

    "Some Advertisers require you to make a small purchase or sign up for free trials or memberships, while others do not. Please be sure to review the terms and conditions of each offer for specifics on fulfilling the requirements. "

    So - you have to go to 10 websites - give them your credit card number and all other details - buy something, sign up for subscriptions, "trials" - which may prove impossible to cancel etc. etc.

    Yeah Right!! :mad:

    It would probably be cheaper to buy the bass from an online retailer and certainly a lot less hassle!! :rollno:
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    PS - or you could just publish your credit card number on the net and say to people - "take what you want" ... :)

    That would cut out all the form-filling,save you time and have the same end result!! ;)