Is it weird auditioning for a younger band?

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  1. Thought I'd try my hand at playing a different style of music than what I'm usually used to. I found an ad from a local band looking for a bass player. I responded to the ad, got contact back and had a listen to the band's material. Great tunes, a little rough production-wise but for home studio work its really good. I told them I was keen for an audition and we arranged a time and day.

    As I was about to log off, I get one more message from the guy who writes, records and produces the music. He felt compelled to inform me that he is 17 years old and still in high school. Having listened to his tracks, I easily assumed this guy was around my age or at the very least in his 20's. I told him I'm not concerned by his age, apart from being restricted to all ages gigs until he hits 18, and that I'm happy to jam anyway.

    But afterwards, it got me thinking...would it be weird for them having a 26 year old jamming in the same room as a bunch of 17 year olds? I know it should just be about the music, which sounds great, but I just feel that 9 years is a massive gap.

    So really, what I'm asking is if anyone else has been in a similar audition where they've jammed or currently play in a band with younger players. How did you originally feel about it? Was/is it awkward? Or am I just being stupid worrying about it at all?
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    Nah, it seems completely normal to me at this point. As long as you don't go all "I'm old so I know better and y'all should make everything sound like old man music from 10 years ago" on them you should be fine and hopefully they'll be OK with you also.

    A girl that did guest vocals on one song with my band on her 18th birthday told me something funny about a blues-rock band she was in earlier, when she was 17 or maybe even 16. Everyone else was in their 40s, and she'd ask them how she should improve her singing. They'd say she sounds fine, and then start talking to each other about how their potato crop isn't doing well this year because the weather hasn't been cooperating. So, don't do THAT.
  3. Most of my jamming happens at our local community college, so it's pretty normal for a 16 year-old to be jamming in a group with a 30 year-old, a 40 year-old, a 50 year-old, and even a 60 year-old. If it don't matter to them, it don't matter.
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    I would not consider being in a band/jam/whatever with minors.
  5. Over many years (I'm in my 60s) I've played with all ages - personally, I don't think you should be concerned with age - if the music clicks, you're ages are close enough.
  6. Thanks for the replies, guys. The funny thing is this kid writes music in the vein of what I grew up listening to around the time I was his age so it really connects with me. I find it cool that someone his age is listening to bands and records from my generation more than from his generation.

    I'll give the audition a go and see where it goes. From the little I've spoken with him, he seems like he's got his head screwed on right. Didn't come across as a typical obnoxious teenager. Seemed really professional about his music and how he approaches writing. Can't be all bad, right?
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  8. You're welcome El Raro. Have fun and best wishes.

    LOL - that's to funny. :D
  9. trouble is those guys get killed or sick far too often....
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    I think it would only be a problem if someone fires up a joint
    or pulls out a six pack. Don't want to get involved with a contributing to a minor charge.
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    Cover band - I'm 51, new guitarist is 54. Singer and drummer are late 20's~early 30's. No problems.

    A little different than your situation though...
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    17 and 26 is not that far apart. I was in a band ten years ago where the oldest guy was 50 and the youngest was 18. It worked very well and we did a lot of touring opening for some well known artists. In my current band, there is about 13 years between the oldest and the youngest member. Age is just a number. All that matters is that a person can play and is easy to get along with.
  13. Mick Mars is about ten years older than the other members of Motley Crue. Didn't seem to slow them down any. Besides, it's not like you're dating them or anything.
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    LOL...You guy are looking for MINERS...or maybe a minor key...don't mess with A minor!
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    Your age is about the same as Bill Wyman's when he started playing with The Rolling Stones. The rest of the band was about the age of your prospective new band. It worked out for the Stones ('till it didn't).
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    I think practice would be kind of weird if its in one of their parents houses lol

    I would do it if I were you, they'll probably be psyched to have someone with your experience
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    I've played music with all sorts of ages--both older & younger.

    Just treat them like human beings & musicians--offer advise when asked (But keep it appropriate) and get to know them as people.
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    I'm 57, and I've played with people within the last 5 years from 17 to 60's. I never run into a problem because of age difference what I have noticed is this ... when it's about the music, and we are on the same page it has never mattered, that being said, there are differences between us in conversation, but not necessarily conflict, they all go away as long as everyone is in the song.
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