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Is my amp going bad?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by axman, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Ok heres the problem I'm haveing I just bought a new cab the other day a swr workingmans tower. And have a GK700rb head. And I was playing for about an hour and all of a sudden I had no sound for about a second or two. Than I had sound again couple of minutes later had no sound again for a bit longer this time... Its like somebody was pushing the mute button on the amp. No noise before the sound quit or before it came back on.. Any thoughts on what the problem is. Is my GK head going?
  2. Axman,

    Not a lot of info here, but here's some things to look for.

    First, if the amp is coming back on and sounds ok, you might be having an overheating problem. Some amps go into protection mode and shut off the output. This could happen if you are playing way loud or with a lot of distortion. I don't know what the ohms are on the tower, but make sure it's compatible with the amp (it should be) If the cab has a problem with the internal wiring, it could be giving you fewer ohms than it's supposed to be. Check each individual speaker to make sure they are all working properly. Just stick your ear down by each one, (not at high volumes though) you should be able to hear some hissing, or play a note on your bass.

    If your amp is an older one, it could be that the power supply is a little fussy. do any of the LEDs or lights go off and on when this happens? Have you tried your old speaker or another one?

    Hope this helps, its a bummer when new gear doesn't work out like you hope.

    Stay Low,

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