Is my poor shielding causing my hom issue?

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    I am not a savvy tech person which is why I chose to use a prewired preamp (only the hot leads from my 2 PuPs needed to be added and their grounds (along with the ground from the bridge) needed to be handled.

    I bundled the grounds and soldered them to a pot and crimped the hot leads to the appropriate wires on the stacked Volume/Blend pot.

    I get a pretty nasty hum unless I'm touching the strings, PuP poles, Bridge or any of the pots. It then goes dead silent.

    I also notice I get just a bit of a "crackle" for a moment if my wedding band touches the strings (haven't tried other components).

    Finally, I had shielded the cavities with copper foil that is supposed to have conductive adhesive and while I haven't connected the foil between cavities I swear that touching the foil will actually make the hum louder with a "click" upon initial touch.

    My theory is my shielding is borked and somehow I have a bare wire in contact with it somewhere.

    If anyone else has some pearls of wisdom, I am all ears!

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    Jan 30, 2018
    Maryland, USA
    Quick follow up, if I touch the strings with my pliers I only get the "click" noise if I am touching the bare metal of the pliers at the same time, not if I hold them by the rubberized grips.

    I have resolved the sensitivity in the shielding of the one PuP cavity, long story short, I have a SD triple shot circuit anchored on the side of the cavity and it looks like just a small piece of the copper foil was touching the circuit board so I fixed that...

    ...still a noticeable hum though... Dunno if its just a product of my environment and I'm kicking myself over nothing or what...
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