Is the Aguilar Super Singles humcanceling?..

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Peru2015, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Is the Aguilar Super Singles humcanceling? If it is not, what would be the solution? Thank U
  2. No, they're single coil, so no hum cancelling (unless you have them both on full volume). The you say "what would be the solution?" do you mean what other pickups are available in that size that are hum cancelling?
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  3. sikamikanico


    Mar 17, 2004
    You need two coils for humcanceling. Like the post above said, the two Super Singles cancel hum when run at equal volume. If you want each pickup to cancel hum (by itself), you need two-coil pickups. Aguilar makes dual coils (two coils in parallel). Others make other variants too. Say Nordstrand, in addition to dual coils, they have Fat stacks (two coils stacked vertically), BigSplits (two coils in-line), and ZenBlades (two coils “stacked horizontally,” on their sides, I.e. sidewinders). They also have BigRigs, which are offset dual coils, and supposedly sound more like single coils... I think split coils sound pretty close to single coils, at least when designed so...
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  4. Yes that’s a solution, what other pickups are U talking about? (Singles coils in soapbar size hum canceling). I’m going to replace the onboard preamp with Aguilar Obp3. Another solutions would be pedals? Like noise gate pedals, sentry noise gate from TC. Is m first time doing this kind os stuff, Bro thank U for Ur advice.
  5. My main bass is stingray 5 hh, my lady got me a bass as a project, what I want is a different tone (that why I was thinking on single coils.
  6. sikamikanico


    Mar 17, 2004
    So, if I'm following you correctly: (1) you have a Stingray HH bass as your main bass, (2) you got a second bass from your lady, which has soapbar sized pickups, (3) you want the new bass to have a different tone than your Stingray, so you thought maybe single coils, (4) you don't want the pickups to hum. Is this it?

    I'd avoid pedals for this, noise gate will only block hum when you don't play. As soon as you hit a note, the hum will come through as well.

    The preamp will also not help with the hum, but this reminded me of a another possible solution: dummy coils. A dummy coil provides that second coil you need for canceling hum, but it doesn't have magnets or is positioned in a way that doesn't pick up any sound. Some Musicman basses have that (the coil is under the pickup), or some old Alembics (the coil is between the pickups). I think Aguilar (or maybe it was Audere?) used to have a preamp that included a dummy coil - if you can get that preamp, it might provide effective hum cancellation for the Super Singles. Not sure what that preamp was called, so search around for it if you want to try that option...

    But if you just want a hum-cancelling soapbar pickup that sounds different from the Stingray HH, you can skip single coils and look at other designs, as imo most will sound quite different from the big MM humbuckers. I suggested Nordstrands, because they have a wide variety of options. So does Bartolini. What size exactly do you need for the bass?
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