Is the TFB-750 less compressed sounding than the TFB-550?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mrkode, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. mrkode


    Dec 19, 2007
    I did a few tests recently as I'm looking to come up with the balls an Ampeg fridge (8x10 with SVT head) can produce but with a smaller rig.

    At first, I thought my Berg HS410 wasn't cutting it so I brought my TFB-550 and tried it out on an Eden 410XLT, comparing it with the WT550 that was with the cab and discovered it might just be the TFB-550 that's sounding a bit too compressed to let out all the ballsy goods.

    In order to be more sure about this, on top of the WT550, I tried an Mpulse 600 and, though I'm not mad about the Mesa's tone, thought it had more balls and deeper low end.

    So, since I love the Thunderfunk's tone, I was wondering if the TFB-750 was compressed sounding as well or it's full punch-out balls like for exemple an Aggie DB750?
  2. IMO and IME, the defining, inherent tone of the TF550 is a very tight and somewhat compressed low end. However, if you match that head with a cab that also has a rather low mid present voicing with a somewhat compressed deep low end (like the HS410), it can be a little too much 'low mids meet low mids' for some.

    A slight movement of the Timbre knob to the left, and a boost at around 40hz or so with the lowest semi-parametric band with widen it a bit, but still not like the MPulse low end, which is much bigger and wider.

    I have not tried the TF750, but most reports are that the primary difference between it and the 550 is a much more expanded low end.

    Edit: Try this setting:

    Enhance 10 o'clock
    Bass: 1 o'clock
    Lowest mid: 40hz, 1 o'clock
    Timbre: just a very, very slight touch to the left (bass side)... 11:30 or so... just a smidge.

    Everything else flat.
  3. mrkode


    Dec 19, 2007

    I think we hear things somewhat the same as my usual setting is nearly identical to what you wrote at the difference that the bass is flat and I boost 50hz at 2 o' clock.

    This setting gives me the perfect sound for pop and rock gigs. I just find that I'm missing some when on heavy rock gigs with two nose bleeding loud guitar players.

    I will try and boost the bass slightly and see if 40hz vs 50hz widens it.

    Thanks a lot for the pointers! Really appreciated.
  4. If you are doing those basic setting already, I don't think moving from 50 to 40 is going to make a huge difference. However, that shelving bass control boost slightly can help widen the low end a bit. That being said, the low end of the T550 is tight 'by nature'.

    If the volume of the TF550 is enough for you, but you want more low end extension and 'force', you might try a Markbass LMII. I moved from the TF to the LMII (and now to the F1 primarily) due to the ability to still have that nice articulate, warm but clean 'punch' but to have that combined with a deeper, more forceful low end (and in my case, more 'sizzle' in the upper treble region for slapping.. which can be dialed in and out at will).

    At our GTG's, we've had pretty good luck getting the LMII to sound quite similar to the TF550 by cutting some deep lows and dialing in the VLE (a passive treble and upper mid cut filter) a bit.

    I personally feel the only thing I've lost in the swap is about 12 pounds and some EQ options that I didn't really use much anyway. That 'deeper bass' is a very positive thing with the Bergantino AE and HS line of cabs, which are quite low mid punchy.

    Just FYI if you can't get it where you want it, and don't feel like breaking the bank for the TF750.
  5. PS.... if he doesn't show up here, PM TBer Vic. He used a TF550b for quite a while, had a TF750 for a short time, and has an LMII. He could give you some additional info on volume and low end response.

    Edit: and one more idea. I had the pleasure of hearing TBer Buzz's Aguilar AG500SC through my HS210, and it was BEAUTIFUL sounding. I find that head to be a little 'loose sounding' down low and in the mids, but that tight, tight HS voicing meshed just beautifully with the relatively big and wid low end and smooth mids of the AG500. It's about the same size, weight, and price as the TF550b, and puts out similar volume.
  6. mrkode


    Dec 19, 2007
    Thanks for all the suggestions man!

    I'll definately look into the 500SC.

    In the meantime, I might have found a solution that would prevent me from dipping into my pocket.

    I happen to have bought the Tech-21 Bass VT pedal last week in order to come up with the kind of overdrive sound produced by an overdriven SVT head. But you can also turn off the drive and tune in to sounds from either an SVT or B-15.

    I tried it at low volume and it seems to do the trick, but I'll be able to tell for sure on the next gig on thursday when I use the setup at full volume.
  7. nemo


    Mar 19, 2004
    I am in the same boat with my HS410 + Gibson GB440 (Thunderfunk predecessor).
    I have the opportunity to A/B this cab with LMII, probably next week so I can post the findings later.
    I guess the LMII would do good in this setup.
    Thinking of it, I can as well borrow from the friend's music store the AG500 so probably A/B/C is on horizon..
  8. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    where's your master on the amp when you're w/ the louder guitars?

    and um, but not to state the obvious, but from what i remember, there should also be a button to turn off the limiter?

    but yea, the TFB is a rather middy sounding amp to me, too.
  9. Bassist30


    Mar 19, 2004
    I heard the 750 is less compressed than the 550b. But I have the 550b with the 750 board. Still the low end sounds compressed but I am thinking you mean the limiter kicking in at fairly low output levels. I keep mine at 3 1/2 output and raise the volume to taste. That is kind of low to me and the limiter still kicks in alittle faster than I would like. Pretty much the same with the Whappo Jr and the Berg AE 410. It can be a big problem to some. Some deal with it as it is still a great head. But every amp, cab etc has it negatives and positives. To me the positive features are its tone possibilities yet I keep it flat most of the time. I adjust the timbre knob and at times I boost the 40 k a little. But the amp is known to get a good sound being set flat.
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