Is there a Signal Level Indicator Pedal/Rack out there?

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  1. Hey, I did a little research and nothing turned up on this. Is there a pedal or rack unit that has an led display of your volume level? I think this would be helpful for dialing all of my effects combinations to the same level and also making sure I'm not clipping while playing. I think the MXR Bass Compressor may be a good way to go if there isn't something that sans the compression and just shows you the line level. Thanks for any info!
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    I have seen rack mount eqs with levels on them. Mixers have them too.

    But your ears would probably be way more accurate that a simple signal level.
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    Problem with visual aids like that is depending on the frequency the level will fluctuate. Unless you are monitoring white noise it will not be consistent.

    Distorted tone will look different from clean but sonically be the same level.
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    Yep, true. And there is no practical way to do this. There are compressors and other devices with VU meters, but (a) they are not practical to move around to all different parts of the signal chain, (b) they only show peaks, not "loudness" or average strength, (c) they are not all calibrated to the same zero or reference level.
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    There should be.

    It shouldn't matter how accurate it is. It just has to be consistent. My ART Tube MP has a nifty meter and for being able to gage the relative loudness of my signal it is totally worth $30.