Is there a site that explains this stuff... In English!?

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    Oct 12, 2001
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    Is there a site out there that has the definitive answer on some of those repetitively asked questions that always show up? Things like: the law of ohms, and double the power = 3db gain. More so, is there such a site that explains the things in English vs. tech jargon?

    Every time somebody posts such a question (which is like 10 times a day) we all pipe in and give our 2 cents, or we tell them to do a search. When you are new to the forum, or just the concepts of what it is you are trying to ask, doing a search is a real pain in the keester! The other problem is that every other post ends up being some sort of bitching session between people who do know, or think they know the answer. It makes it kind of hard for the unknowledgeable to walk away feeling like they got a straight answer.

    If you know of such a site, of sites, please post a response and let me know.

    Or, another thought:

    I work in the computer industry. My job consists of taking confusing concepts that need highly technical answers, and rewriting them so that monkeys could understand it. I think something like that needs to be done for us here. Anyone interested in working on such a project? I’ve got server space, can build sites, and a pretty good ability to dumb things down… I would just need people to help me with content and making sure I did not post something stupid and wrong.

    Hell, I recently had a salesman at a local music store try and convince me that two 4 ohm cabinets = 8 ohms when plugged into the two independent parallel jacks on the back of a 4 ohm minimum amp! Bad! Something must be done!
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    Sep 4, 2000
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    Our resident techie Joris compiled an amp FAQ in word format.