Is there any style of music or artists that make your blood boil?

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  1. Hi everyone.

    I was having a heated discussion the other day with a friend of mine about the modern music scene, and i realised how much hatred i have for the majority of it. It really angers me to see all those popstars lip synching, and getting famous off music that they made absolutely no input to. It just goes to show that you don't need any talent to be a "musician". :mad:
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    There, fixed it for ya.
  3. Don't be mad at the vocalist. They are merely providing a product that consumers want. Be mad at the consumers for demanding this type of product. Without the consumer, this stuff goes away. I think you will find that many pop songs, when stripped away of all the over production and crass commercialism, are fundamentally good songs. If people quit buying crap, these songs would be recorded in a different style.
  4. Well yeah i get what you're saying, but do you think it's right that the vocalists get all the musical credit despite not writing the songs themselves?
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    I was talking to someone about the lip-syncing thing not too long ago.
    I was outraged that Britney Spears' fans KNOW FOR A FACT that she lip-syncs, and yet her concerts still sell-out and people still buy her ****** cds.
    What the 'ef.
  6. what credit?

    Most musicians like ourselves know the score and know that there are teams of writers behind all the pop stars. If they like a song they will think 'who was behind that tune' not 'wow the sugarbabes are so taleneted!'

    and the genereal public don't really care. the general cross section of people who are into, say, the sugarbabes just want to jump on a bandwagon, be part of a scene, they are not bothered about music and most of them don't even notice that it is more than just the vocal that they like the song for.

    They don't even think of the skill and level of experience needed to produce a song like that, all the people behind the scenes etc.

    It doesn't bother me, music creatively is having some great things go on at the moment, its as exciting time as it ever was for me. 'pop' in general is great if you use the term loosly, cheesy chart pop is what it is and they can have their version of success as far as I am concerned! I'm not interested in the fans of my music owning just my album and maybe a couple of other (as most pop fans do), I want them to be music junkies, enthusiasts etc and in that area of music people are a lot more clued up!
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    C'mon, when Ashley Simpson melted down on national TV (the infamous SNL bit), no one who bought that stuff cared. It's not music, it's entertainment. Some people do both very well, some are terribly lame at one but not the other, but I wouldn't say "hate" is the right emotion.

    I find Synyrd, Hatchet, et. al. annoying because the music is dumb and the lyrics ignorant. I find Zep way over-rated. I like real country music and avoid contemporary country because that stuff will make your brain fall out. So what? The mass audience aren't fans of music at all. Like Zappa said, they don't listen to music, they have audio wallpaper. If the mass audience was really interested in music instead of entertainment, then Join Mitchell, Freddie King, Jeff Beck, Rodney Crowell, Tuck & Patti, Duke Ellington, Freddie Hubbard, etc. would be in the media, not Ashley/Jessica Simpson, Brittney, et. al.

  8. You gotta remember that they're "Entertainers" or "performers" first. This is a totally different set of skills then musicianship, and far too many really good musicians in bands never get out of crappy dive bars because they don't know the difference.

    Besides, this has been happening from the 1940s or so, I'm guessing, when record companies really started to sell and become profitable. Since then, numerous pretty faces with great stage personalities were hired by record companies to perform songs that other people wrote. Most of those classic rock hits hits that people love from the 1960s were songs by professional songwriters, recorded by professional musicians, and performed (and given credit to) bands that could barely play their instruments. I'm NOT talking about all - The Beatles, Stones, and those other lasting names. I'm referring more to those one or two hit wonders. They SUCKED, but they were the Paula Abduls of the '60s.

    Don't fool yourself - super popular and lucrative, but very crappy music has been around for a long, long time, and will be around for much longer then any of us will be.
  9. That's a great point. The skill level of the producing and the mixing is outrageous on those big hits. They get plenty of credit for this work (as do the songwriters) - in their bank accounts.

    I would have no problems writing a song that got to #1 and receiving little or absolutely no credit, so long as the financial compensation...well, if it compensates!

    The music production and writing team knows going in that they'll get album credit, but pretty much no public recognition at all from the latest Ashley Simpson song... I'm sure they sleep just fine at night in their beds with 500 thread count sheets in their 20,000 square foot houses with an amazing view.
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    Did the bodybuilder invent their exercises? Did the bass player build his own bass? Did the baseball player invent the game? Did the movie star write the script?

    Just because you didn't write the song, if you're good at performing it, that's all that matters. We don't have to write all our music to enjoy it, and the millions of cover bands out there playing music that people enjoy is totally legitimate. Lip-synching? Well I don't think anyone can argue that that's legit, and I don't even bother paying attention to those artists anyway.

    If any modern style of music pissed me off, however, it's the insane amount of bands out there right now, that have a huge following I might add, screaming at the top of their lungs over guitars so distorted you can't make out a single melody line. Of course all these bands, (who usually define themselves as "fill in the blank"- CORE!) will break up their screaming with the soft part, in which they sing like girls!

    I hate this stuff and the fact that it's selling better than anything else.
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    "Early music" on the classical station bugs me because it sounds like a kazoo band.
  12. Well i'm outraged at the fact that real musicians don't get the credit they deserve, they might get paid well, but that's hardly what music is about...
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    I really hate "modern jazz" I'd be embarrassed if I went out and played random notes on a trumpet and tried to call it music. I also hate Very thrash metal AKA strum as fast as it is phisically possible to and scream into the mic metal!
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    So, playing music is about getting recognition? :eyebrow:
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    Ironically, Ashley Simpson was the primary writer of all the tunes on her first CD....
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    Never played jazz, have you?
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    Hatred is wasted emotion when it comes to this.

    There are types of music which I don't care to listen to, and some which I actually dislike - but hate? Strong words. I don't invest that much emotion in something I can turn off with a flick of my finger.

    I think it's the way the world has been for a long, long time. Singers have always been featured performers singing the music of others. That's life. Chill.

    And what are "real musicians"? I'm not outraged, I simply recognize the world isn't fair. And don't try to speak for anyone but yourself when you say "that's hardly what music is about". For plenty of people, that's a big part of what it's about.
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    Commercial pop music has been around a long time. And it will continue to be around for much longer.

    There's not a single "type" of music that really pisses me off anymore. I'm kinda over that. I like some kinds much more than others, but no genre truly angers me. Certain bands and songs might, especially ones I hear too often (like the two rap songs that my neighbor plays over and over again). But genres, no.
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    Well I don't play much jazz but classical jazz is fine but most of the modern stuff shouldnt even be called music:mad:
  20. Well if it wasn't for recognition, it would be pointless, you sorta need people to see you play.

    It primarily for the enjoyment of playing, and for me it's something i love doing with my life. There's nothing more pleasing than putting alot of work into writing a song, and getting really great feedback from your audience. If it wasn't the hard work and dedication, it'd really just be pointless.

    And as for the business side of things, i don't mind musicians making money, in fact i encourage them to make as much money as they can, but i personally would never sell my soul to the dj :)