Is there Instrument grade pine out there?

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  1. Hey there TB,

    I am going to build this later this year:
    and wanted to use a cheaper material than spruce for the sound board. Sacrilege, I know. I just want to have a practice go with the possibility of it turning out decent. In this guys plans he says that good pine can be substituted as a cheaper material.

    So my question is, where can I find some instrument grade pine lumber? Is there such a thing?

    Any thoughts would be welcome.

  2. Beej


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    If you want clear, knot free pine, it should be everywhere on San Juan, if not, most lumber places will carry nice big slabs. I can't imagine some nice Sitka Spruce wouldn't be there either, and it won't be much more than pine.

    Another plentiful tonewood for acoustic tops is yellow cedar...
  3. Thanks Beej.

    I am going to talk to some local mills soon.

  4. Pine for a bass? I guess it would depend on the 'correct' type of pine to get the results you'd be happy with. Of course the well-cured pine-type would have less tendency to ooze pitch from the grain. Anyway, I wish you well in your search for that "perfect" piece of wood.
  5. Hi.

    If it was for a solid body or a neck, I'd say there's a chance, but I wouldn't necessarily try to make an acoustic top out of pine.

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    I once saw an arch-top guitar with pine, the guy swore it sounded better than his spruce top. I don't know where he got the pine from.
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    You can make pretty decent instruments out of knotty pine.