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Is this a fair deal? MTD-535 for Epifini UL-902C + $1000

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by GrooveCreator, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Howdy Basslanders,

    Some help from the community would be greatly appreciated. If you have owned either item or have some advice, please chime in on the following offer, which I am currently considering accepting. :meh:

    I have an MTD 535-24 I'm considering to trade or sell. #789 and quite an exemplary instrument in near mint condition. This baby is a beast. Burled Myrtle over Ash with Maple fingerboard.

    This beauty has to go, so I'm wanting to trade it for a Fender American-Deluxe Jazz 5 (non sunburst) to partner with my Fender AM-DLX 4 and a hi quality bass head...amp + pre also OK. I am getting various offers for other 5's, gear + cash. A chap has offered his Epifini UL-902C and $1000.00 for my MTD. Is this a fair deal in you opinion?

    She's stunning and the lightest 5 string I have held. The reason for passing her along to a new good home is that I just can't do 35" comfortably. Switching between my Jazz bass and this instrument confounds my technique in first position...the dang neck is too long (35"). Ergonomically, I'm in all the wrong arm and wrist angles for healthy playing. :help:

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  2. BassSlave


    Mar 2, 2006
    Chicago via Park Forest IL
    Endorsing artist: Sadowsky Basses & Dean Markley Strings
    Yes it is a very fair deal and you might be getting the better end of the deal. I own an Epifani 902C and an MTD 635 and for the offer you received, would be almost what I paid for my 635 #522 almost ten years ago. Sorry you have to let your bass go, but it took me a little over a yerar to get comfortable with mine. First position isn't a big deal as long as you aren't trying to stretch each finger-per-fret. It is ok to shift around in the lower positions. Just look at Anthony Jackson's hands while playing his 36" scale Fodera. The micro shifts become second nature afterwhile.

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