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is this a good ampeg

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by warwickben, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. from reading diffent things from talkbass its like alot of u guys dont like ampeg or have a problem with them. i been planing on buying a new head for awhile.i have a carvin 100 watt 15 combo, powering the 15 and a 4x10 cab.iam am tight on cash and i have found the SVT-350H for 650$ new.
    is the SVT-350H classic any good.it has what i want at least 200 watts 8 ohms and 350 watts 4ohms, 9 band and so on.i plan to sell my 4x10 and buy a ampeg 4x10 later .i figure i can hook the 4x10 to head and from the line out of the amp ill connect it to the carvin 15inch combo,so i can use the carvin 100 watt poweramp for the 15 and the ampeg power for the 4x10.is this a good idea and is the SVT-350H a good head.
  2. pbassfreak


    May 2, 2001
    long beach
    i personally think its a great amp..i currently use a svt350h with a classic ampeg 4 x 10..the only problem is its kinda heavy and you will lose some knobs along the way..i have seen the svt350h for around 500.00 dollars though..maybe check around a little more ..i think you can find a better deal..they go pretty cheap on ebay..450-500
  3. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000
    Do you like the sound you hear when you play through the head?

    If so then its a good head. If not then its not a good head for you.
  4. iam noit able to try it i like ampeg.i know some ampeg modles suck.i plan on getting a b series 4x10 i forget modle name.what about using my carvin power amp to power the 15inch is that a good idea.like using ampeg line out to carvin effects in
  5. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Central Illinois
    Keep in mind that the SVT350H is the exact same amp as the B2r which sells for $550 new. The 350H just has the SVT classic style wood box around it.

    also if I had $650 to spend I would spend it on a Carvin R1000 over an Ampeg 350H. and i'm an Ampeg user/fan :D
  6. i thought the b modles were cheaper made.
  7. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Central Illinois
    Nope. exact same amp without the wooden case. The main difference between the b series and the svt series is tubes, with the exception of the SVT 350H model which is solid state like the b series :confused: confusing I know. Yes I suppose the b series is "cheaper made" because they don't use tubes. tubes are more expensive than ss. But doesn't necessarily mean inferiior, just different. Sorta like the difference between rosewood in a guitar and maple in a guitar. Rosewood is more expensive than maple, but if you happen to like the sound of maple better you get the benefit of a less expensive instrument. Not inferior, not cheaply made, just differnt and yes less expensive.
  8. i heard bad things about the b2 r
  9. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Central Illinois
    I've heard bad things about every amp out there at one time or another. Don't forget the b2r carries the same 5 year warranty as the svt series. btw my b4r kicks butt and is going strong with no problems. Of course I've only had it 6 months, but I feel pretty confident with that 5 year warranty.
  10. i ment i heard that it doesnt sound as good as the othere amps.i heard that about all the b heads.
  11. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Central Illinois
    My band seems to have alot of musicians come out to listen to it. I've had several bass players come up to me on breaks and tell me that my bass rig sounds great. Never had one say anything about it not sounding anything but great. Plus i feel like I'm vert picky about my bass tone. But anyway it's your decision so,.....suit yourself.
  12. I use the B2 4 X 8" combo and I get compliments from sound techs and other musicians pretty often. It seems like I get more positive comments about my tone from this rig than I did from either my SVT3Pro and 4 X 10" or my Hartke 3500.
  13. Word! The Ampeg B2R and a good 4x8 or 4x10 is a great rig. Plain as anything, but it just gets the job done right and sounds amazing. (lonote49 has the combo version of what I'm doing with a head/cab).

    I wonder if we'll always have to deal with the "flavor of the month" amp phenomenon (Eden, Aguilar, Acme, Epifani, Bergantino, the list goes on). Fact is, more touring pros and backline sound companies use Ampeg than any other brand, and no, they don't all have deals with Ampeg.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with the B series heads, they're great workhorses. I love my set-up WAY better than the Eden stuff I tried to convince myself to like for a few months before getting rid of it.
  14. *************Rant Alert******************

    I have been playing bass since the mid-60's and I have seen a lot of things come and go. What remains constant, though, is the desire for overkill. I have played big clubs, medium-sized clubs, hole-in-the wall clubs, outdoor concerts and festivals and have been in the opening band for lots of national blues acts as well as serving as the bass player in the host band for open jam nights. I have never owned an amp that put out more than 350 watts at 4 ohms. Why? Because I've never needed more...nobody ever told me that I wasn't loud enough (or clear enough or that I lacked headroom, etc.) I simply can't understand where in the world you'd play where you needed more. I suppose if I was playing a steady of arena concerts I might be able to justify more but even then, I doubt it. Really, if 350 watts isn't enough power then you or your fellow band members or your sound tech are doing something wrong, plain and simple. There are very few things more annoying than seeing/hearing a band with 2 Marshall stacks and a bass rig with 2-8 X 10" speaker cabinets playing in a little bar but it happens all the time. You can tell where it is happening because it is the place where the audience is leaving 10 minutes into the first set because their ears are bleeding and the bar manager is pointing his shotgun at the stage! With modern PA systems there is no reason for a band to have deafening stage volume levels...20 or 30 years ago before decent PA's were affordable, maybe, but not now. I suppose a stage full of gear looks impressive but ringing ears for 3 days after a show is a sure sign that something is very, very wrong. I'm curious...what kind of venues are you guys playing where you need 1000+ watts?
  15. the only reason I can think of (and can agree with) is headroom. Sometimes I wish I had more, even though my volume is fine, I wish sometimes that I could play with a lighter touch.

    I think the size of the room makes a big difference in how much gear you need. My main gig is a 250 seat modern, soft, theater. Not that that's overly huge, but the room soaks up a LOT of sound. So even though my rig is adequate for this venue, I can certainly imagine larger venues that would require more juice. Also, I think it depends on how far you stand from your rig.

    Are we getting off track now, as far as the suject of the thread?
  16. pbassfreak


    May 2, 2001
    long beach
    I think we have gotten away from it a little but this is interesting..it seem every band ive played in have
    2 marshall stacks..why i have no reason ..i use a svt350h and an ampeg 4 x 10..that should be plenty but its not..these guys open those marshalls to 4 or 5 and im done..i keep saying turn down were to loud and you know what they did..they got me an ampeg 810..now i cant see the reason we need all this for a bar and sometimes 300 people size clubs..but on the brite side they gave me an 810 and i dont have to load it..but i am tired of of emptying out places..
  17. Stu L.

    Stu L.

    Nov 27, 2001
    Corsicana, Texas
    I also have an Ampeg SVT-350H head and Ampeg 4x10 setup. I like the sound, but can see where it is lacking. Maybe it's because I'm only getting 200W.

    Back to the main question, yes, it is a great amp IMO. But my advise is this, be patient and looked used. I got my SVT-350H and SVT-410HEN both for $600. Slightly used. Some rich kid thought he wanted to be a bass player, then a drummer. Be patient and call all local (or non-local) stores you can. It's not everyday you find great deals, but you might. Good Luck.:)
  18. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Central Illinois
    I went back and re read this thread and since I seem to be the only one with an amp that is capable of 1000 watts I guess I'll answer the rant. My b4r is capable of 1000 watts IF I bridge it into a 4 ohm cab. It has 2 350 @ 4 ohm watt power sections. Normally I run one power section into my 610 cab behind me on stage and the other power section into a 210 wedge stage front up by my microphone. Having the 210 wedge up in front of the stage allows me to not have to turn the 610 cab up so loud. btw I have heard Victor wooten uses a similar set up (or used to) He has 2 ampeg 410 hlfs behind him and 2 210 wedges in front of him all powered by 2 svt 4 pro's for a total of 2400 watts. As far as I know Victor plays mostly small venues clubs and some outdoor fests. I also play small venues clubs and outdoor fests of course not for as many people or as much money :D and I'm only using half of what Vic uses amp wise, and of course a mere fraction of what he uses talent wise :(
  19. I understand what you're saying and I understand why you do it...but do you need it? I'm not trying to be antagonistic, I'm just curious. Fortunately (I guess), I've never needed more than I have now. I think that a lot of the time the questions of how many watts do I need, which cabinet do I need, etc. come from young, inexperienced folks who are led to believe from the posts on this site and elsewhere that is mandatory that they have 1000 watts and 2 - 4 X 10" Eden cabinets to practice in the basement or play at cousin Amber's 8th grade graduation party. Heaven knows we all started in the basement but very few of us needed $3,000+ worth of professional quality amplification to do it. I'm not trying to be condescending and I certainly hope this doesn't come off that way but I think we should all try to tailor our advice to fit the situation.
  20. I don't think you're coming off as condescending at all. You have good points. Geez, how hilarious if there are kids out there with that much gear, just starting out.

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