Is this a good deal guys?

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    Ive been gasing for a warwick streamer std for a while now...i was preferrably looking to upgrade to a 5 string but this came along and looks so nice...what do yall think...i dont want any bashing of warwick here i just wanna know do yall think moneywise this is a good deal for this bass. Ive seen em go from 500+ used so thats why this has caught my attention plus i love dark colored basses.

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    Mar 3, 2002
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    As far as I remember, the Streamer Standard has been discontinued, and is basically the same as what is now manufactured under the "Rockbass" trade... Don't know the US price of a Rockbass, but I'm not sure this eBay Streamer is a good deal.
  3. I know of its discontinuation and all but thanx =)...the rock bass goes for around 350 new...

    The real streamer std that was made in germany of real wood i dont know what they went for etc...
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    If this stays at this price, it is a real good deal. When Warwick discontinued them, had a close out on single pickup ones, I think $400 for the 5 string and a bit less for the four. For what it is worth, these seem to be showing up less and less on the used/auciton sites.

    I am not sure how these sound compared to an active Warwick, but I did play one at a tiny store through a Warwick combo and was impressed by the sound and feel for the dollar. Unlike the RockBass series, this has more traditional (which is for other manufacturers, non-traditional) Warwick woods, and therefore, FEELS like a Warwick. I have played a few RockBass instruments at stores and none of them have had the same feel as an actual Warwick, though some played pretty good.

    My two cents worth...