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Is this a good deal?

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by emielow, May 17, 2005.

  1. The crack may already be fixed, if not, it can be. It may even be possible to be repaired without the top having to be taken off. I guess it also depends on the availability of a good bass luthier.
    What's all this about triplex? Are they saying that the bass is all laminate except the top?
    It still seems to be a good deal to me.
  2. If this is such a good deal to you guys than you got me curious, what do you guys pay for such a bass in the states ?
  3. All carved, $4,000 up. Hybrid, carved top, laminated ribs and back, good European quality $2,500-$3,000' All laminated with real purfling and real carved scroll, ebony board $2,000-$2500

    Looking at your profile, it appears you really need a bass. Under 'Current set-up', it says: "German bow".
  4. Yes I know :) ,

    I own a good bass though, I just don’t know who build it, I know it’s an all carved Romanian just no name who build it, maybe I just should put that there than.. ;) it cost me about 3500 euros so that’s about right with your 4000 dollars. But I’ve seen fully carved one’s a lot cheaper. But than again good sound still equals good money.. ;)
  5. That's much better Istar....we were really feeling bad that you were walking around with a German bow and no bass to use it on. :crying:

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