is this a Kay?

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  1. I have had this bass for four going on five years. I was told it is a Kay but it has no insignia. The serial number is on its right side or the bass side written in pencil. The number is 9955.

    Here is a link to the youtube video with it
  2. Looks like an Kay M-1. It has the Kay tuners....made by Kluson in Chicago I believe.
    You can check the serial# and gets tons of information on Kays at Roger Stowers website:
  3. That's what I thought, but I have also had people tell me "no, it only looks like a Kay. You have no Kay markings its a cheap student bass". I cant find any kind of match with the serial numbers. Also, I don't know if I am allowed to ask this, but do you or anybody else that reads this have a price or value they can place on it. I paid under a grand for it and I have put about 650 in for the repair job.
  4. Yup, looks like a 1942 M-1. In the Northeast, with $1650 in the bass, you're probably close to $1000 ahead of the game.
  5. Awesome! I'm not looking to sell, I'm just looking to see if I'm in the hole. Thanks again!
  6. Looks like a kay to me! Looks just like my 43. In my area a bass like thjs goes in the 2000 to 2500 range. Also if it has the original neck it should have kay engraved in the back of the headstock at the bottom.

    Also to my understanding kay sold these basses to other companies to sell. They often re baged them or sold them blank. This could be one of those? Maybe a catalog bass.

    Has the end pin been upgraded? Mine has the original fixed pin setup. My understanding is that these war era basses came with fixed wooden end pins due to the metal rationing for the war.
  7. When i first got the bass it had no sound pole no foot. My dad and i hacked up a pool stick i had ganked from a bar in my younger years. We cut the pool stick and used it, at the time i didnt have a lot of understanding on how everything worked, so using the pool stick seemed like a good idea at the time. Then it sat in a semi-playable condition for a couple years and i had it brought to a luthier this year. I had found some news paper wadded up it it from the 50's and a couple of legos. From my limited research i was under the impression that it may be a Kay and it may have come from a Sears cataloug. The ribs of the bass are constucted different differnt than a friend of mines slightly newer Kay. I just wish the Bass said Kay somewhere on it.
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    Well, pick up a pencil and... :D
  9. I didnt know it was thay easy to get a Kay bass. Wow TB, yoh have changed my life!