is this another stupid move?

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  1. I have an svt6/10 cab to me it's a lovely thing. Unfortunatly I have an almost new Mesa m-pulse 360 and I feel I got to push the thing into dirty overdrive to get the volume I want out of my cab and it leaves little head room. I was told to back it up with a power amp if I like the tone, but I just want one unit not two for power. So I'm about to trade the head in plus 325 cash for an Ampeg b4r so I have plenty of head room and then my cab and head will match as far as brands and enough juice. Do you think this will be a good move in terms of volume, tone, and reliability. Or am I a jello head that can't make up his mind on what sounds good and whats loud enough. Please give some good solid advise I waste too much money on gear. I want loud clean tone that will blow you away and I want to keep the cab. Should I have goon swr 750x? This was my other choice but it would be 450 plus amp.
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    uuhhhhhhhh ... wut?
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    As long as that's all the cab you'll want then you should be happy with the power of the B4R. The tone is another issue. I hate SS pre amps myself but some people really like them. If I wasn't so stupidly obsessed with the mesa 400 I would be going pre and power amp. For your application the B4R should do very well.