Is this enough?

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  1. jani_bjorklund


    May 22, 2002
    I have a Fender BXR 300R head (150w into 8 ohms, and 300w into 4 ohms), with the 15" cab that handles 150w. Now I have the opportunity to get a used Hartke 2x10" (8 ohms)additional cab but the Hartke cab is only rated 100w. The 2x10" cab adds considerable punch and clarity but will the 150w + 100w be enough? Am I going to blow up the 2x10" speakers?
  2. By adding the 2x10 to your existing rig you'll be louder, despite the lower wattage.
  3. I guess you are adding up the power ratings of your 15 (150) and the Hartke (100) and coming up with (250) and you are wanting to power it with a (300) watt head. Right? Most of the bass players I know power their cabs with a bigger amp than the cab is rated for. My cab is rated at 400 watts but I power it with a 1000 watt amp! (can you say OVER KILL!) You can blow a speaker by under powering it and pushing the amp into clipping just about as easily as overpowering it. The rig you have should sound pretty good. I think you have a good match up.:D